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Our rewards club members receive welcome refreshments, discounts, free late check outs, Rewards Club member only promotions and other valuable Buenos Aires apartment rental benefits.

To Receive Rewards

Buenos Aires Apartment Rental Us the others
Welcome refreshments Yes! No
Service fee discount Yes! No
Damage deposit waiver Yes! No
Free late check out Yes! No
Cell phone text message check in reminders and updates Yes! No
Rewards Club member only promotions Yes! No

Rewards Club Levels

Member – 1st qualifying stay

Gold – 2nd qualifying stay

Silver – 3rd qualifying stay

Platinum – 4th qualifying stay

Executive Platinum – 5 or more qualifying stays

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Refer a friend and receive an automatic upgrade to the next Rewards Club level. Each qualifying stay you refer earns you an upgrade to the next Reward Club level.

Customer Reviews Earn Rewards Too!

Complete our on line Customer Review Survey after each stay and earn an upgrade to the next Reward Club level.

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Argentina may at any time terminate or modify the Rewards Club program by posting the changes on Argentina Qualifying Stay is defined as a minimum 7 night paid apartment reservation. Damage deposit waiver does not exlude Member from paying for any and all property damage.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide as a member of the Rewards Club will be handled according to the Argentina Privacy Policy. Your information will not be shared, rented or sold to third parties.

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